What Should You Consider In A Stock Transfer Company

When a business of any size needs a stock transfer company, there can be many different things to consider when making a choice. While there may be specific to a particular stock transfer, there are also several very basic and often overlooked general considerations in making the choice.

To help you to find the ideal stock transfer company for your needs, make sure to first evaluate the agent and the company for the following factors:

  • Cost – it is important to discuss the cost of the service and make sure there is a comparison of similar services. Some companies may bundle specific services while others may break all services out line by line. It is important to understand the fee structure, how it will be reported and if there are any types of cost-savings that can be met, such as meeting a specific number of shareholders for a declining fee.
  • Check the references – while this may seem basic, a lot of companies do not check the past and current reputation of the stock transfer company they select. Ideally, look for companies with a good number of references that report that the service was proactive, helpful and was of value in the stock transfer.
  • Ask around – in addition to checking references from the agent, check around online and in your networking circles for any feedback on the company or the agent. There may be issues that some companies have experienced that are very different than what the references are reporting.
  • Have good communication channels – if you are having difficulty in getting in touch with an agent, aren’t having calls returned or can’t seem to get a straight answer when in the vetting stage for an agent, you need to reconsider your choice.

Good communication will be critical between your company and the agent, and it starts from your first contact. For more informaton visit Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc.

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