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As a CPA, you’re already familiar with continuing professional education (CPE). Your state or your company may likely require it to maintain your licensures and certifications. Even if CPE training is not required, you may still want to take certain courses just to make sure you’re armed with the latest information in the industry. The

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There are a number of professional careers in which one must maintain ethical standards and practices, or risk losing licensure or even face legal ramifications. Real estate agents, CPAs, accountants, business professionals and more must all navigate what can sometimes seem like a minefield of ethics laws and regulations. That’s why ethics continuing professional education

Continuing Professional Education

There are a wide variety of careers in which continuing professional education (CPE) is either required by law, made mandatory by company policy, or is just a smart choice for keeping oneself informed as to the latest rules, trends and regulations. CPE can be useful for gaining new certifications and licensures, or to maintain current