How to Sell a Structured Settlement

If you are on the winning end of a lawsuit, chances are that you are eager to start getting your payments right away so that you can catch up on bills and other expenses. Unfortunately, you may not always get your money as soon as you think.

Most of the time funds from a lawsuit result in structured settlements, which means that a small amount of the total settlement is paid out each month, quarter, or year over a set amount of time. If you need the money right away however, you have the option to sell structured settlement.

Money You Need Now

Your best bet to getting your money right away is to sell your settlement to a structured settlement company. They work closely with their clients and pay cash for their structured settlement or annuity.

Thanks to a team of financial experts, they are committed to providing you with the most money possible for annuities and structured settlements. If you need cash now, choose to sell structured settlement right away.

How Do You Sell?

Before you can sell, you must first reach out to a company to obtain a quote, receive a disclosure statement, and then sign a contract. After the paperwork is done, it needs to be reviewed by an attorney or financial advisor of your choice before they are filed with the court for the judge’s approval. If the court approves, the money gets sent to you almost immediately.

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