Find Out Why a Changing Environment Calls for a Change in Preparation

Most property owners would rather simply ignore the prospect of a natural disaster coming in the way of their dreams of prosperity. However, in this day and age where storm season has increasingly left scars on communities across the country, it is becoming increasingly important to be aware of Mother Nature’s mood swings. The South, in particular, has seen some of the worst tropical storms on record in the past decade. If you are a resident of St. Augustine, you probably already know that floods like the ones that occurred in 2017 are often caused by tropical storms that make their way through the Caribbean, increasing in size until they reach the shore. Although St. Augustine enjoys some protection from the barrier island Anastasia, recent developments on the island have caused it to be less able to bear the brunt of upcoming storms.

Our Climate Is Changing

For many years, the Gulf of Mexico has seen itself become increasingly susceptible to category four and five storms, devastating infrastructure along the coast. With Florida having the largest percentage of its border touching the Gulf, its residents must be at the forefront of thinking through ways of protecting ourselves and our families against nature’s wrath.

St. Augustine, FL, Flood Insurance

When living in St. Augustine, flood insurance should be a consideration. Consider the possibility that everything you worked hard for can be destroyed within days or even hours. Put your family’s and business’s minds at ease by investing in a flood insurance plan that is right for you.

Finding the Right Insurance Plan for You

When choosing a flood insurance plan for you and your family or business, make sure that your insurance provider is familiar with the specific needs and concerns of the residents in your area. Make sure that you have ample customer service support so that you can stay in the loop with how things are going in real time. No one wants to spend all day trying to get a hold of their insurance office in some other part of the world, so be sure that you choose one you feel a connection with when searching for St. Augustine, FL, flood insurance.

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