Why Using an OTC Bitcoin Exchange in Indianapolis Benefits You?

Why Using an OTC Bitcoin Exchange in Indianapolis Benefits You?
While you may find yourself highly enthralled by the modern form of wealth opportunity known as bitcoin, you are probably also a bit frustrated with how confusing it can be to purchase it in the real world. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy by using an OTC BTC Exchange.

High Level of Fluidity

Traditional crypto exchanges have a fluidity level that is notoriously low. This means that if you try to buy large amounts of crypto at once, there could be slippage in price. With OTC purchases, there is virtually no chance of slippage because all purchases are done in real-time.

Free of Limits

When you use an OTC BTC Exchange, you are free of any financial limits that traditional exchanges place upon you. There are zero purchase limits and there are zero withdrawal limits. This means you can buy, sell, and turn your crypto into fiat whenever you want, not whenever THEY want.

Complete Anonymity

Unlike typical exchanges, OTC desks do not record order depth, so nobody knows how much Bitcoin you may have in your wallet. This means nobody is watching over your shoulder and you are also much less likely to be hacked or otherwise taken advantage of. For full financial freedom, an OTC BTC Exchange is certainly the way to go.

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