The Economics of Car Insurance in Tulsa, OK

Buying insurance for your car isn’t optional. If you want to drive your car on public roads, you have to buy insurance through a qualified company. This fact has led to the prices for insurance being very high in some places. If you are driving a car, you have to have insurance, though. What are your options? Your best option is to develop an understanding of the way insurance works so that you can find the best price for your car insurance.

How an Insurer Makes Money

First, you need to understand how an insurer makes money by selling car insurance in Tulsa, OK. Unlike other businesses, they’re not selling a product. They take your money on a monthly basis; if you need to have anything paid for by insurance, they then pay it. They make money by taking in more money than they have to pay out. So, they have to reliably predict who will make expensive claims. If you are less likely to make a claim, you don’t have to pay as much money. They deem people in safer vehicles with great driving records to be safer; even relatively minor things like running stop signs counts against your insurance rates. Tulsa car insurance relies largely on that kind of data. It also relies on what service you want.

What Service You Want

Insurance is usually broken down into liability, collision, and comprehensive. Liability car insurance is the bare minimum required to drive on the road. It means that a company will pay the repair costs of the other vehicle if you are responsible for the crash. Collision means that the company will pay to fix your vehicle and other vehicles if you are responsible for a crash. However, if you want to cover everything, you need comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive coverage covers many different types of damage; each policy will be different.

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