How Do Bail Bonds In Georgetown TX Work?

In the real world, not the world of movies and TV, getting arrested and hauled off to jail is no laughing matter, and if this happens to you need to not only know your rights but you need to arrange for bail bonds in Georgetown TX. How do bail bonds work?

If you find yourself getting arrested you can either wait in jail until the trial date or take the option of getting released until the trial date. The court demands that you pay a cost to gain freedom while awaiting trial, and depending on the severity of the crime, your past record and other issues, this cost can be very high. The cost is called bail and the idea is that bail bonds in Georgetown, TX act a security measure insuring that you will show up for trial and that you will not flee.

Waiting in jail until trial is not an option that appeals to most people, you may find yourself involved in seedy circumstances. To avoid any unpleasantness hiring a bondsman is the most obvious choice. The sooner the decision is made to avail of bail bonds in Georgetown, TX the sooner you will be out of jail.

To get bail bonds in Georgetown, TX the bondsman needs certain information before he can process the bond. The basics are your name, the charge, the place where you are detained and the amount of bail set by the court. Once the bondsman has this information he can process the paperwork and get the ball in play so to speak. There are documents that have to be signed between you and the bondsman and documents which have to be signed by the bondsman and the court. Once these details have been attended to the bail can be lodged with the court and your release can be processed. The fee for the bond is normally 10% but whatever it is, it is a fee set by the state so that that bonding companies are identical. However, this regulated fee does not stop the company giving bail bonds in Georgetown, TX from asking for collateral as well as the fee.

When bail is an issue, so is cash, you must cash to pay for the bail bonds needed to get you out of jail. Bail amounts can be quite high and many people do not have the 10% available in cash so collateral in the form of property, vehicles, jewelry, stocks etc. must be used. Usually if you are using property for security to get bail bonds in Georgetown, TX you need to have 150% of the bail amount in equity in the offered property.

When you show up for trial, the collateral is returned, if you skip your property is forfeited.

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