4 Reasons to Request Auto Insurance Quotes

If you’re like most people, you only consider your auto insurance coverage when you’re buying a new vehicle. However, you can save by shopping around at other times. If you’ve experienced some lifestyle changes, they may come with better and cheaper coverage. Read on to learn a few reasons to get competitive quotes from Auto Insurance Companies in Illinois.

Your Credit Score

Many companies look at your credit score when determining your monthly premium. While some give higher rates to those with lower scores, others tend to focus on different factors, such as one’s driving record. Find such an insurance company by consulting your agent or the state’s insurance department. Conversely, if your score has gone up, you may find better rates with a credit-focused insurance company.

Changing Jobs

Let your agent know if you’re changing jobs or working from home. Many companies offer low-mileage discounts to those with short commutes, as they present a lower risk. If your current company doesn’t offer such a discount, it’s time to shop around.

Buying a Home or Getting a Corporate Car

Ask about multi-policy discounts if you buy homeowner’s insurance from the same company that insures your vehicle. Another good time to comparison shop is when you get a company car. If you’re shopping with auto insurance companies in Illinois, you may be able to find a bundled policy that helps you save money without sacrificing coverage.

Having a Child of Driving Age

Once your teen gets their license, it’s time to get quotes on auto insurance to see which company offers the most competitive price. While your current carrier may provide you a great rate, that price may not be so good once your teen is added to your policy.

Call or Visit Now

Auto insurance is a big expense, but it’s a necessary one, and there’s no need to pay more than you have to. Auto insurance companies in Illinois are here to help you find coverage that meets your needs and your budget. Visit to get a quick quote or call Accurate Auto Insurance to get started.

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