You Can Place The Following Purchases Using Bitcoin in Orlando

If you are just learning about Bitcoin, you are going to find there are many uses of this digital currency. Once you learn about the uses of Bitcoin, you may find yourself looking for a Bitcoin ATM in Orlando. You can use Bitcoin to make a purchase from the following companies.

Traveling in Orlando

Bitcoin comes in handy when you are traveling to places such as Orlando for personal or business purposes. Airbnb, CheapAir and Expedia are three companies that accept Bitcoin payments. It is easier to book your vacation or business trip when you have another option to pay for it.

Food and Beverages

You may also want to visit a Bitcoin ATM in Orlando to buy or withdraw your Bitcoins for food and beverage companies. One example is Pizzaforcoins, which allows you to place an order with chains such as Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and other local places. Subway, KFC and Burger King also accept Bitcoin as payment.

Shopping Spree

If you want to do a little shopping during your trip or from home, there are several retailers that accept Bitcoin as payment. The list includes Steam, Big Fish Games and Overstock, and there are even some Etsy shops that allow you to pay with Bitcoin. Gyft also allows you to use Bitcoin to pay for gift cards for retailers such as Amazon and iTunes.

Once you start using Bitcoin, you may want to visit a Bitcoin ATM in Orlando. You can learn more about the RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM by checking out their website.

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