Wireless Credit Card Reader-it’s Time to Cut the Wire

Have you been considering a wireless credit card reader as a potential solution to your payment processing? If not, you should be. All you really need to do is consider how being wired is a negative to your business. Of course, you can keep your wired terminal but you should also be considering a wireless credit card reader and its benefits to your business.

You are Stuck!

Wireless terminals are great but they do have some drawbacks, like being stuck in one place. When you use wired terminals, you must stay in one spot, you can’t even move to another spot in your brick and mortar building, much less hit the road and go to the customers! A wireless terminal gets you unstuck and gives you:

  • The freedom to move around
  • The ability to go to where the business is
  • The ability to never say no to business
  • Take payments anywhere, anytime, anyplace

You do not have to be stuck to where the wires are. You can travel with confidence whether it is to different areas in your shop or half way across the country and do it with confidence knowing you can take a payment. You do not have to say no to a business opportunity, you can sell freely anywhere!

Get Unstuck

The way the world does business is changing, you can change with it or be left behind. You can choose to step up your business game by adding a wireless reader and free yourself to do business wherever you can find it! American Merchant can help you to finally cut the wire and start moving forward in a positive direction. Don’t deny yourself business opportunities just because you are wired. Learn more from American Merchant and cut the wire.

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