Why Factoring AR Might be the Best Move For Your Business

Are you looking for ways to increase your business’ cash flow without increasing your business debt? If you are starting a business and have found yourself in a situation where you need funds now but are short on cash flow and waiting on payments from your customers, factoring AR (Accounts Receivable) allows you to obtain working capital right away. This will ensure that you can continue your operations immediately without waiting for your customers to pay off their invoices.

How Does Factoring Work?

At United Capital Funding, we buy the receivables that your company has by taking the outstanding invoices that your company is owed. We utilize your customers’ good credit in order to secure a working capital for your business, allowing you to focus on productivity without worrying about your financing issues.

When you factor your accounts receivable with us, you will receive an up-front payment on your invoices instead of waiting to collect the money from your customers in the future. When the payment does come due, it will be sent to us instead of to your business.

A Smart Business Move

Factoring AR is a smart move if your business is short on cash now but has a base of customers in good credit standing who owe you money. By factoring AR with United Capital Funding, we get you the funds you need without you incurring any of the debt or liabilities that you would face with other kinds of business financing options, such as equipment leasing or asset-based lending, venture capital, and short-term loans.

United Capital Funding Will Keep Your Growth on Track

If you are just starting a new business, factoring AR can increase your odds of growth into a larger commercial enterprise. We have walked in your shoes before and we understand the difficulties of starting a new business. We have been in business for almost two decades now, helping our clients turn out successful businesses. We want to ensure that the growth of your business remains uninterrupted.

At United Capital Funding, we have earned an excellent reputation as a professional and innovative company in the industry of factoring AR. We will purchase your business accounts receivable on a continuing basis or provide you with invoice discounts. We want to make sure that your cash flow doesn’t run dry, so that your daily business operations keep running smoothly.

In addition to factoring AR, we also enable you to make the smartest decisions for your business by providing the accurate and up to date information about your factored accounts, complete with credit and financial information; all of which you can access online anytime you need it.

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