Online Credit Card Processing Solution

If you are an online business, you need to be able to offer many ways for customers to pay for your goods and services, including credit cards. By offering online credit card transactions, you can secure more business and make payments easier than ever. You’ll be able to accept major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners and JCB. Discover the various solutions available and the features they offer.

Solutions Available
A payment gateway is a solution you can use. It allows you to process debit and credit cards online 24/7. It works directly with your online store to secure payment. A payment gateway is very reliable and secure, safeguarding your customers’ credit card information and personal data. This information is typically stored behind a firewall. Additional security measures can be added to prevent fraud. They include Card Verification Value and Address Verification Service. Recurring billing options are available for situations when you offer a continuous service and need to bill customers on a regular basis. Their credit cards can be automatically charged, creating less hassle for you. Through this method, you can also process electronic checks. You can also save the customers’ credit card information or accept payments through your mobile phone.

Payment Options for Every Industry
Many banks and credit card processing gateways offer customized services for virtually any industry, including retail, restaurants, healthcare, government, education and nonprofits. Create online shopping carts and add payment options (such as gift cards). Keep your customers’ data secure with Data Security Standards. For a monthly fee, you can gain access to various benefits, such as fraud management services and online reporting. You can also receive information about how to reduce fraud and chargebacks. Work with your service provider to create an option that best fits your business’ needs.

Getting paid is important for all business, big and small. Make sure you have the means to accept payment from any customer. Visit to see how Allied Wallet can help.

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