Keeping it Legal: Paperwork Requirements You Need to Drive Legally

Having a vehicle can be a pronounced step to independence. You can get in, and take yourself almost anywhere. There are a few things that you need to take care of, to make sure that you are driving within the law. Failure to keep these things up to date can cause expensive tickets, and it can even make your insurance void in the event of an accident. Both your license and your vehicle registration expire at certain times, and it is up to you that they remain up to date at all times.

Your Driver’s License

To drive in Illinois, you must have a valid driver’s license. Your license will expire regularly, and renewing it in a timely matter is important. Depending on your age, your license is valid for one to four years. The state will mail out a notice that your license will expire one to three months before it is due, which provides a strong reminder to deal with it. You are responsible for insuring that your driver’s license is valid, not remembering is not going to relieve you of a ticket should you be issued one. An agent of the Secretary of State can process the renewal of your license for you.

Vehicle Registration

Your vehicle must be registered to legally be driven. Vehicle registrations in Illinois need to be renewed once a year, but unlike your driver’s license, the state does not provide a mailed notice when it is due. You can opt into an email reminder system, and that is strongly recommended to keep you up to date. Renewal can be done at an agent of the Secretary of State. Places that process license plate renewals can get you a sticker for any month in the current calendar year. In cases where the previous year’s sticker is required, they can be ordered, and they are usually available within a week.

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