Five EA Courses Online you should Consider Taking

If you are an EA or CPA keeping up to date on tax laws and hot items such as the Affordable Care Act which will make you a more well-versed EA who will appeal to a broader client base. Here are five EA courses online you should consider taking:

  1. Federal Income Tax Changes (Every Year): These EA course outlines are a must to    keep every EA at the top of their game. There are constant changes made to Federal income taxes and knowing what they are is important. You have to take this course annually so you can provide the in-depth knowledge tax payers need.
  2. Affordable Care Act: Any changes to health reform such as the ACA are hot little items that will affect all of your clients. Understanding the tax credits and tax penalties that can be applied to both personal as well as business taxes will help you answer the many questions that will arise regarding ACA. Look for EA courses online that cover the ins and outs of the ACA so you are ready come tax time.
  3. Family Tax Planning: Every cent counts to today’s family and being able to help identify the hot topics as well as the everyday breaks for the everyday man will really assist you in proving your weight in gold. Every family needs a little tax assistance and as an EA this is where you can really do some feel good work.
  4. Divorce and Separation Laws: Let’s face it, they say that 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce and that leaves a lot of gray area when it comes to taxes. Being able to state you are an expert in this area will help you stand out in the crowd of EA’s.
  5. Retirement, Pension Plans and Annuities: This is one of the EA courses online that can apply to just about anyone. Understanding plan distribution as well as income tax and how it applies to both the taxpayer’s contributions as well as contributions made by the employer will come in handy when discussing taxes with most of your clients.

Taking these five EA courses online will help round out your EA skills and provide a heightened level of understanding for your clients.

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