Do You Need General Contractor Insurance in Livermore?

There are several reasons to consider general contractor insurance in Livermore. The types of policies needed depends on the type of work you do. Various types of insurance covers different areas. Failing to have a policy in place can be risky. Having a policy in place provides a layer of protection for your business and your clientele.

Types of Insurance Independent Contractors Should Consider

· Errors & Omissions: If you offer advice or consulting services, it’s important to be concerned about liability for clients who suffer loss because of your recommendations. Examples of professionals who need this type of insurance include financial planners, accountants, or interior designers.
· Bodily Injury/Property Damage: If you work on site with heavy machinery or tools, protect yourself in the event of a mishap. For example, remodelers, electricians and plumbers should be concerned about hazards with defective machinery, power tools or compressed gas.
· Disability & Medical: If you work independently of a company, you will not likely be on a group plan. A policy is important to cover any injuries you sustain, or to cover your pay if you become unable to work.

Who Needs General Contractor Insurance in Livermore?

Professionals may be liable for injuries on a job site, giving a poor recommendation, causing another person injury or damage, or damaging another person’s property. In general, if you work on one of these types of jobs you should consider policies to cover potential risks.
· Carpenters, painters, electricians, or plumbers
· Handyman or making general repairs
· Cleaning companies (house cleaning, carpet cleaning)

If you are considering general contractor insurance in Livermore, visit the Bay View Insurance Services website to learn more about your options.

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