Choosing a Tax Professional to Help You with Your Tax Preparation in Marietta, GA

Selecting a tax professional to handle your tax preparation is an important decision. There are several points to consider when making this decision. It is important to make sure the individual you hire is properly trained and certified to handle and prepare your taxes. When it comes to hiring a tax professional, Marietta GA residents should look for certification or accreditation that authenticates the preparer’s training and ability.

Experience is Important
Specialized experience is another important attribute to consider when it comes to evaluating tax professionals. If you are the owner of a small business, self-employed, or an over-the-road trucker, there are specific procedures, standards, and restrictions related to your income tax filing requirements. Make sure you have a tax professional that understands your specific taxpayer category and has experience preparing returns in that category for other clients.

Ask your prospective tax professional for references and testimonials. Reputation is an important factor to consider in your evaluation process. It is important to hire someone who acts in your best interests and not someone that may trigger a tax audit from the IRS. You want someone who will prepare your taxes and reduce your tax liability in a legitimate manner.

Fair Pricing
The individual you hire should charge fair rates that are competitive in the industry. Be sure to compare fees and charges along with the other factors mentioned such as references, certification, reputation, and experience.

Beware of Over-Promises
Watch out for tax professionals that overpromise or guarantee they can save you a certain amount of money on your tax return. No one can guarantee these things without first evaluating your income and tax liability. Outlandish guarantees are a potential sign that the individual may be willing to stretch the rules when preparing your taxes. This is something you definitely want to avoid.

In order to earn an income, you put forth effort and apply skill. In order to pay minimum taxes on your income, you may need to hire a professional tax preparer to implement the best strategies possible within the law.

Contact an experienced tax professional serving the Marietta, GA area today if you need help with your tax preparation and filing.

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