Choosing a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

A financial planner is essentially an advisor for you on how to best save, spend, or invest your money. A certified financial planner is one that’s officially certified to do so, so obviously the one whose services you want to seek out. But this is a competitive business, so the question becomes who among the large number of financial planners should you choose? If you are looking for a certified financial planner in Attleboro MA, here are some tips on choosing the right one for you.

Discern how they’re paid
There’s one of two ways a financial planner can be paid: hourly or flat rates, or commissions. A financial planner who is paid on commissions is paid whenever someone buys or sells an investment or stock. While nothing inherently wrong with being paid by commission, these financial planners should be scrutinized to a healthy degree. Because they get paid whenever someone invests in specific stock, there’s always the possibility of them leading you to that particular decision. So if that possibility doesn’t sit well with you, find an hourly or flat rate paid financial planner.

Learn who they cater to
This will narrow down your options shockingly quickly. Many financial planners specifically cater their services to clients of a certain economic standing. It’s nothing personal, simply that they would prefer to work with clients that have more experience, especially if they themselves are incredibly successful in their field. The right financial planner for you is one that will always make time for you and your financial problems.

Background check every company you consider
In this day and age, this is just common sense, but especially with the people you’re going to elect to advice you on handling your money. Even if nothing about the company seems shady to you, there is no harm in looking them up to see what you find. And be sure that the stories all line up and seem realistic, this is the internet after all.

A certified financial planner is someone you trust to handle and advise you on your money for, ideally, a very long time. So when you find a financial planner you think could work for you, check to be sure.

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