5 Tips for Hiring a Professional Financial Planner

Financial planner offers valuable guidance in optimal allocation of your precious savings. Hiring the services of the financial planner will allow you to identify profitable investment options and double your wealth. With the services of a financial planner, you will get the best quality advice that will go a long way in achieving and maintaining financial solvency. Following are 5 tips for hiring professional personal or business financial planner.

Qualified and Licensed Financial Planner

Hiring a professional and qualified financial planner is similar to attending a hospital. You may never want to visit a doctor that doesn’t have the required specialization in treating your condition. Similar is the case with hiring a professional planner. Before hiring professional planner, you must look into the professional qualifications of the consultant. You must ensure that the professional planner has at least a CWP, RFP, CPA/PFS, ChFC, or CFP. These degrees provide the seal of approval that the professional financial planner is expert in providing the best financial advice in managing your wealth.

Reputation and Integrity

Next important task to know is the reputation and integrity of the firm. You must request for a list of references to ensure that the financial planner has build a solid reputation among its clients. Some financial planners may try to give you fake list of clients. That’s why it is important that you reach out and contact each client through email or phone.

Fees and Hidden Cost

The third important thing to consider is the fees and hidden cost of the financial planner. You must enquire the net cost of hiring the professional financial planning firm. The financial planners quote their costs differently. Some planner may not divulge complete information about their charges when giving you a quote for their services. You must ask the planner about all the costs and fees attached with the services.

Quality and Type of Financial Services

Finally, you must determine the quality and type of financial services. Different financial professionals specialize in different areas such as tax planning, wealth management, risk management, etc. You must make sure that the financial planner has the required specialization to cater to your financial goals.

Most experts recommend that you hire a financial planning firm instead of an individual planner. The reason is that a financial planning company employs financial planners with different area of specialization. They can provide you with the right kind of financial planner that fulfills your needs and requirements.

To sum up, a financial planner can help to grow and build your wealth. With the expert advice of an experienced financial planner, you can gain double or even triple your wealth. The above tips will help you in selecting the best personal or business financial planner. For more information visit J A Smith & Associates Inc. You can connect with us at Linkedin.

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