Selecting the Right Automobile Insurance In Santa Cruz for Your Needs

If you are going to need an Automobile Insurance Santa Cruz policy then you should become acquainted with the insurance laws in that city. The law does require you to carry continuous automobile insurance coverage on your car if you are a resident of the state. However, if you choose not to purchase third party car insurance, you also have the option of proving financial responsibility so you do not need to purchase an insurance policy.

Understanding the Minimum Requirements for Automobile Insurance In Santa Cruz

When you decide to purchase an Automobile Insurance Santa Cruz policy you need to be aware of the minimum requirements needed to be a law-abiding driver. When you look for an auto insurance quote Santa Cruz , you need to make sure the coverage you purchase checks the following requirements:

*      Bodily Injury coverage
*      Property Damage coverage

When you are involved in an accident that is your fault, this coverage will kick in to cover the property damage and physical damage that results to the other driver. Your liability coverage won’t do anything to pay off the expenses you incur as a result of the accident. That’s something to keep in mind if you are looking for an Automobile Insurance Santa Cruz policy.

The Tort System & Increased Coverage

Two types of states exist in the United States when it comes to auto insurance coverage: no fault and tort. In a no fault state, no matter who is responsible for the accident, each driver’s damages are covered by their own insurance company. Sometimes only certain types of damages are covered by no-fault insurance. For example, only bodily injuries are covered in Florida or Kansas.

On the other hand, tort states require someone to be found at fault for the accident. The person who caused the accident must turn in the claim to his or her third party car insurance company and that company is expected to cover the damages up to the coverage maximums.
If you only have the minimum but the property damage exceeds the $7,500 limit then you could be sued by the other driver and may have to pay the rest out-of-pocket. Increasing your coverage may cost more in premiums but may save you from a major financial loss down the road.

Getting Additional Coverage

While the minimum requirements are a good place for an Automobile Insurance in Santa Cruz buyer to start when shopping for a policy, you might want to consider adding extra types of coverage to your policy in order to expand your financial protection. For example, you could add uninsured/underinsured automobile, collision, and/or comprehension insurance to your policy. This combination is usually called full-coverage because it protects you in almost any situation.

Comprehensive coverage takes care of damages caused to your car from weather-related problems, from vandalism, from theft, and from similar events. Get the right coverage from visit us website today.

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