Getting A Commerical Car Insurance Quote In Santa Cruz May Be Easier Than You Think

If your business has a fleet of vehicles that are used on a daily basis, you need to get a Car insurance Quote Santa Cruz from many different car insurance companies to ensure that you are getting the lowest rate that you possibly can. Many people are under the misconception that Commercial Auto Insurance is the same as private auto insurance. This is not the case because commercial insurance has many more stipulations and requirements than private insurance.

When you start your search for commercial insurance, you need to take the time to discover the exact type of insurance you are legally required to have. In different jurisdictions, certain commercial vehicles are required to have different insurance than others. If you own a fleet that carries hazardous materials, you are required to have a more in-depth insurance policy than someone that only transports paper products. If you transport people or animals, you are required to have different insurance than someone that only transports fruits and vegetables.

When getting each Car insurance Quote Santa Cruz you need to share with the companies exactly what the vehicles are used for and how often they are used. The amount that you will pay for the policy will be dependent on the number of people that drive the vehicles, the number of vehicles in your fleet, the types of vehicles, and their primary use. It is possible to get a discount for having numerous vehicles on one policy, however you need to be certain that each quote is for the exact policy you need.

There are times when the insurance companies require you to specifically list the drivers for each vehicle. If this is possible, it can be a great way for you to get a lower rate for the insurance because you will be able to prove that only safe, conscientious drivers are driving your fleet at all times. If you do not assign drivers to specific vehicles, you may have to pay a bit more for your insurance policy simply because there will be more variables that the insurance company will have to take into consideration.





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