Why do I Need Car Insurance Monterey?

According to California Law, liability Car Insurance Monterey is required in order to register and operate a motor vehicle in California. It is called the California Compulsory Financial Responsibility Law and it states that every owner and driver of a motor vehicle is to be held financially responsible for his or her actions. Proof of insurance is required (shown) when registering or renewing a motor vehicle, when asked by law enforcement in the course of a traffic violation or accident, and during a vehicle inspection. Inability to provide proof of insurance can result in fines and citations. However, most people in California readily comply with the CFR Law by purchasing a Car Insurance Monterey policy.

1. How much Car Insurance Monterey is enough?

Per Car Insurance Monterey, the California Department of Motor Vehicle Code states that Liability, Bodily Injury and Property Damage auto insurance is required. The minimum amounts of liability insurance requirements, by law, are Bodily Injury $15,000 and $30,000, and Property Damage $5,000. These are absolute minimum amounts of coverage required by law, and many California drivers purchase substantially more than the minimum Car Insurance Monterey for their own ease of mind and protection from liability.

2. Does Car Insurance Monterey protect us from uninsured motorists?

When purchasing your Car Insurance Monterey, you will have the option to include coverage protection from Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists. We recommend that you include this coverage in your policy, but the law does not require it. What is required is that your Car Insurance Monterey provider must offer you such coverage when purchasing auto insurance, and if you decide against purchasing it, then an opt-out waiver signed by you must be kept in your Car Insurance Monterey file. If you have a car loan, or you are leasing a vehicle, the companies that have a lien on your car will very likely require you to carry additional Car Insurance Monterey to protect their investment.

3. Do I qualify for a “good driver” discount Car Insurance Monterey?

Car Insurance Monterey states that California Law defines a “Good Driver” as someone who has been a licensed driver for at least three consecutive years and has one point or less on his or her driving record for those three years. All licensed California auto insurance companies are required by law to offer a discount to Good Drivers. The discount must be at least a 20% reduction of the insurance rates offered to the non-Good Drivers at the same insurance company.

Car Insurance Monterey informed me that Proposition 103 established the legal boundaries for determining who is considered a Good Driver and its uniform guidelines for auto insurance companies in California. The guidelines include computing auto insurance rates using three primary factors, i.e. number of miles driven annually, how many years of driving experience and a driver’s safety record. Also, there are sixteen secondary factors that decide your rates, including marital status, vehicle type, gender and where your car is garaged, etc. but the secondary factors do not carry the same weight as the primary three.

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