FHA Loans Tucson and Conventional Mortgage Loans – Are They the Same?

FHA loans create a lot of excitement in people who want to buy a home. What these people fail to understand is that FHA, which is an acronym for Federal Housing Administration, does not sanction loans. It only insures a loan that another lending body sanctions. In other words, conventional lenders grant you a mortgage loan and FHA insures it. Despite not actually lending money, FHA insurance is commonly referred to as FHA loans in Tuscon and other parts of the country. So, FHA loans and conventional mortgage loans are not one and the same. However, being insured by the FHA can get you amazing benefits.

Who is the insurance meant for?

FHA loans are meant for people who are not able to pay huge down payments that are required by a lender to sanction a mortgage loan. Typically aimed at low and medium income class people, this insurance helps you receive 97 percent of the required money in the form of a loan. So, you only have to make a 3 percent down payment. It makes it easy for people to borrow and buy a home. However, there is no official income level cap on FHA insurance.

How do you obtain FHA insurance?

FHA offers insurance only when you borrow money from a lender who is approved by this agency. The lender needs to have the approval of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. There are several lenders who are approved by this body and each lender offers different rates, terms and conditions. So, you should begin by looking around and analyzing the different approved lenders. Decide on a lender whose terms and conditions are suitable for you. Once you decide and are accepted for the loan, you can apply for FHA insurance.

What are the benefits of FHA loans in Tuscan?

The main benefit of these loans is that a person belonging to the low income group can also become a homeowner. Secondly, people with bad credit find it easier to obtain a mortgage loan with FHA insurance. The rates of loan are very competitive when insured. The interest rates remain consistent.

Since FHA is an insurance policy, you have to pay premiums. However, when compared to other private mortgage insurers, these rates are very low, especially if you have a bad credit history.

When you buy a home, you might have to undertake basic repair work such as roof repairs or redoing the floorboards. The private mortgage insurer requires you to make these repairs before considering you eligible for the loan. Such demands for repairs are lower with FHA loans.

One thing that should be understood here is that the FHA does not guarantee a loan. This means that a person who is found completely ineligible for a loan cannot receive a loan with the federal backing. FHA only insures the loan so that the risks on the loan are minimized for the lenders as well as borrowers. However, when insured by FHA, mortgage loans become easier to obtain.



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