Discuss Your Long Term Investment Goals With A Financial Advisor In CT

In the legal industry there are a number of professionals that can do what a lawyer does, apart from advising. A paralegal can fill out the paperwork and file it for smaller issues but when it comes to advising what route a client can take, they can not ethically do so. The same can be said in the financial world. There are many people that can offer their opinion, or even file on your behalf, but if you need advice you need a financial advisors in CT.

The first thing to look for is a CFP or a Certified Financial Planner. Not only are they licensed and regulated on the business of investing your money but they also are required a number of continuing education classes to keep their status current. You want this in a professional that take care of your money especially since the financial world seems to change dramatically from year to year. Whether it be the credit crisis of 2008 or the overall changes in the investment market over the past four years, you want a broker or advisor that is looking out for your best interests.

When you interview a inancial advisors in CT the worst thing you can do is go in uneducated about the basics. This does not mean that you need to know about how to read the stocks and be up to date with the latest Wall Street reporting, but you do need to know how an advisor is going to look out for you. Are they concerned with their fiduciary responsibility to you or their suitability to best take care of you. Fiduciary means that they do the best for your money and suitability means they are looking out for your risk aversion or desire.
It is true that saving $5 today is worth more in your investment portfolio than saving $20 next week can yield. Any investment strategy should be to go slow and steady for an undetermined, yet lengthy, amount of time. While the financial investing marketplace has changed over the last four years that does not mean that there are still not professionals within the industry that believe in the slow growth method. You can adjust for conservative or risky investments but an advisor should still be safe and listen to their client’s preferences.

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