Determining The Right Renter’s Insurance Coverage Level In Ann Arbor

Renter’s Insurance in Ann Arbor offers superior coverage for tenants of rental properties. This insurance assures the tenant that their belongings are covered fully in the event of a disaster or fire. It also covers the probability of a break-in. If your property is stolen due to a home invasion, your renter’s insurance policy will provide you with compensation based on the value of the property. Your insurance agent will assist you in determining the level of coverage you need based on the area in which the property is located.

Determining Coverage Levels

Your agent determines coverage levels needed based on the location of the property. The location of the property determines the probability of crimes such as burglary and home invasions. It also determines the likelihood of arson in this area. These factors are considered when an agent conducts a risk assessment. An assessment determine the amount of coverage that is most beneficial to you.

Renter’s Insurance Carrier

Renter’s Insurance in Ann Arbor is available through America One Michigan Insurance Group. This agency presents you with policies that protect your property against theft and damage. By acquiring a renter’s insurance policy you are placing extra protection on your belongings that is not available through the owner’s Homeowner’s Insurance. It is necessary for you to acquire these policies to ensure that you are free of liabilities associated with the property as well. In the event that the property is damaged due to no direct fault of your own, your policy will cover the cost of these repairs. To receive a free quote for renter’s insurance, contact America One Michigan Insurance Group locally.


You can purchase Renter’s Insurance in Ann Arbor to protect against common liabilities associated with rental property. This includes potential property damage. Most rental property covers damage due to disasters and floods. However, it does not cover damage produced by a tenant’s pet. By acquiring renter’s insurance you are covered in the event that your pet damages the property. You also receive coverage for your belongings. This covers any property that you bring with you when you move in. The value of the property is a determining factor when your agent determines compensation for your property loss, when your belongings are damaged.

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