Can You Get Cash For your Car Title Without Selling?

For many of us, when we need money very quickly we are only able to think of a few major assets or items that we are able to consider liquidating. The personal vehicle is frequently the highest valued single item that you may actually own, but selling it to get the cash you need is not an option if you want to still have transportation. You might be wondering if it is somehow possible to get the money you need without actually losing the car, and the answer is “Yes!” You can indeed get cash for your car title and keep driving your car while you make the payments.

Companies like Xpress Title Loans have a wide range of loan choices for people who need to get money fast. If you have a free and clear vehicle title in the state of Texas, you can usually get the loan that you need based upon that ownership. In addition to the title, you will only need to bring a few other things along with you when you apply. First, you need proof of residence. This can come in several forms, including your driver’s license. It will make the process even easier if you can bring along a few pieces of mail like your electrical bill in your name.

You will need to bring your paycheck stubs, or if those are not available you can bring a printout of your income from your employer. Bank statements can also be used to verify your income if necessary. To get a title loan at Xpress, you must be 18 years old or older, and you must bring valid photo identification, which will usually be a driver’s license but could also be a state identification card.

Don’t forget to bring along the key to the car. It doesn’t have to be your own primary key, in fact it is recommended that you bring a spare key so that you can still drive! The title loan provider will need to do a brief validation of all your information and examine your car to be sure it is the vehicle on the title, and then your loan can be issued. This is usually a pretty quick process and you can expect to get cash for your car title and drive away the same day.

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