Basic Information on the Section 179D Inspection Process

If you are a commercial property owner and have heard about Section 179D and all of the great tax deductions and benefits that come with 179D, you are likely interested in getting started with the process and determining how much of a tax deduction your company will qualify for. With Section 179D, you can be rewarded a significant amount, up to $1.80 per square foot in your commercial space, for putting in equipment and features that make your property more energy efficient. This tax benefit program was established in 2005 and is still helping many business owners today.

However, since so many commercial property owners are given such a substantial deduction, the IRS takes the process very seriously. In order to qualify you will need to have an official inspection done. Understanding how the Section 179D inspection process works and what it entails can help anyone, looking to have their property inspected, be better informed when turning to this process. The process is fortunately, quite simple, if you turn to the right professional company for help in completing it and you will often find that you can have all of the paperwork completed relatively quickly.

First, you will need to contact a local company that specializes in doing the inspections and providing the certifications for the Section 179D qualifications. Once you have located one of these companies, they will likely want to do an initial consultation with you to get a better idea of what your company is, what they do and how you think you may benefit from Section 179D. Then the company’s engineering team will likely complete a non-obligatory feasibility study on your company. This will allow you to pre-qualify for the Section 179D deductions. Typically with this process you simply need to provide minimal information about the energy efficiency of your property to move forward.

After you have been pre-qualified, you will need to engage in an energy and certification study contract before the officially engineering and inspection process is carried out. This is an IRS required process and it will provide you with the proper documentation you need to be rewarded with the tax deductions you are looking for. Once the analysis is complete, the Section 179D inspection company will likely sit down with you to review their findings and to provide you with a final report. Once the documents have been signed they will be delivered to the IRS. This is all that is involved with the process and once it is complete you will likely find that you can enjoy some great tax deductions.

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