Adorning Your Home with the Perfect Bay Window Treatments

Bay windows are a wonderful addition to any home. Not only do they help add depth to a room, they also provide a cozy place where you can curl up and bask in the sunlight while you read a book, or just contemplate life. The problem that some people run into when it comes to dealing with bay windows is that they don’t have an idea of what to do when it comes to looking for bay window treatments. The average house owner finds that they spend a considerable amount of their time trying to decide if they should do something to dress up their bay windows, or if they would be better off leaving the bay window naked.

Standard curtains and blinds are commonly used for bay window treatments. There are several ways that you can dress up your bay window and still maintain a natural look. You might want to consider simply adding a valance to the very top of the bay window. You want this valance to be the same color and style as the window treatments that you have used for the other windows in the room. The valance doesn’t have any practical purpose, but it will help the bay window look more uniform when it is compared to the other types of windows.

Some people have been very happy with the results when they used Roman blinds with their bay windows. This type of blind differs from others because, when lowered, the Roman blind is smooth. When rolled up, the Roman blind stacks just like a regular blind. Roman blinds are an extremely effective bay window treatment for any window that gets a great deal of direct sunlight because they are good at reducing glare and blocking the majority of incoming light.

Another type of treatment that looks striking when it’s paired with a bay window is the solar blind. This type of bay window treatments are designed in such a way that they are just as energy efficient and attractive as more traditional blinds, but constructed in such a way that it allows a great deal of light to stream through the blinds. Using solar blinds are energy efficient as well. All of which can result in the reduction of heating and cooling costs.

Even though bay windows are attractive, knowing how to incorporate them into a design is challenging. There are some bay window treatments that are attractive and practical.

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